Professional Services

Under our professional services, we have created services and spaces that help companies set up their work and execute them efficiently. From IT augmentation to an integrated office space to an offshore delivery center, we have a range of services and spaces for you to choose from.

Staff Augmentation

Outsourcing, especially Staff Augmentation, has always been a time-tested strategy an organization can leverage to meet their business objectives and support their long time goals. It allows seamless resource fulfilment services that are customizable on skill sets, number of requirements and the tenure of the concerned projects to be deployed in. Advantages in availing our staffing solutions include No Additional Infrastructure Investments, Reduced Time Spent on Recruitments, and Saving of Administrative Costs Related to Having an In-house Employee without any Geographical constraints. Our Staff Augmentation service enables you to have an extended in-house team with specific skills available at short notice. These factors are attracting more global businesses towards us for their Staff Augmentation needs.

Digital First Community

Digital First Community, or DFC, is our latest foray into high-end office spaces for technologically advanced companies. With the latest features and amenities, DFC is available for occupation in multiple cities across India, Saudi Arabia and UAE. The biggest advantage that DFC offers clients is that they can opt for Value Added Services such as business process outsourcing, IT management, product development and other services that Spinebiz offers. The space also offers cluster divisions that make it attractive for small- to mid-sized technology companies.

Offshore Delivery Center (ODC)

In terms of digital transformation, establishing an offshore development centre has shown to be one of the most viable investments. It simply acts as a worldwide extension of an organization’s existing IT team, but one that is more cost-effective, commercially sound, and delivers a top-notch product/service quality. 

  • A dedicated team of resources
  • Multiple working models
  • Close collaboration with clients

Product Development Services

To run efficiently, every server requires competent and comprehensive administration. With a thorough understanding of this, we want to “act in advance rather than react” to the impact of server modifications. Our skilled server management services detect even the tiniest indicators of a problem and take preventative remedies before they become serious. Spinebiz provides server management services that are optimised, secure, and proactively monitored, resulting in unique and significant value for a company. With Proactive Analysis, Regular Updates, Routine Backups, Uptime Monitoring, Troubleshooting, Downtime Investigation, Anti-Virus & Malware Scans, Premium Support, and Remote Server Management, you can keep your server up to date and secure.

BI and Analytics Services

With our business analytics solution, gain a holistic view of your business to plan, budget, and forecast your business growth. With our data warehouse and analysis system, capture relevant data from multiple silos in your enterprise system and data lake. You can create intelligent dashboards that give you actionable insights about your company that you might otherwise miss. By powerful visualisation of your business’ data, you can make better and data-driven business decisions. 

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