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In today’s competitive markets, industry leaders must be aggressive in acquiring new customers to maintain and expand current market share; lead generation campaigns can be costly, although their value is paramount. Partnering with a well-managed, sales-focused, customer contact center is a strategic and efficient tool for your customer acquisition strategy to persuade the buyer and increase sales.

AttainPLUS provides the expertise to design, build, and run customer acquisition and sales solutions that will enable you to meet and exceed your revenue goals. We will devise a customized voice and/or multimedia interaction program closely aligned to your sales and marketing plans, helping you attract new customers while keeping your operations as efficient as possible.

Behid the scenes … 

AttainPLUS helps achieving the sales targets for you, through: 

Sales Culture of Performance

We create a focused sales culture with each member of the team, sharing the common goal of achieving high sales performance. All incentives and motivators are arranged to produce results in a professional and ethical manner aligned with your brand.

Optimized Sales Dialogue

Our Sales Agents know the psychology of sales and are able to influence the buyer and close the deal. They are well-versed in the details of your company, especially product and service details, and unscripted dialogue allows them to use their sales talent to up-sell and cross-sell to customers.

Fostering Agent Stars

Our agents are true sales people recruited specifically to sell for your account and focused on getting high results for your campaign. We use daily stack ranking on client KPIs to identify top performers and use their skills to mentor average-performing agents. By fostering our top performing agents through incentives and soft rewards, sales results improve and others are motivated to compete for the top tiers, which increases the overall quality of service provided.

Inbound B2B and B2C telesales Multichannel campaign execution
Outbound customer follow up Product information requests
Order taking, processing and catalog sales Subscription renewals and BPA
Cross-sell and up-sell programs Database cleaning and updating
Cross-sell and up-sell programs Application processing
Lead generation Customer surveys
Direct response Payment processing
Data capture  

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